Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance

LA General Residents and Fellows

Keck/USC is also eligible

The advantages of this program include:

No medical screening
No release of medical records
No health questionnaires
Specialty Specific and Own Occupation
Permanently discounted rates
Discounts up to 30%
Coverage continues after residency/fellowship

You receive the same policy, same rates, same discounts, but without any hassle or medical screening

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Frequently Asked Questions

GSI programs may only be available at select residency and fellowship programs. Request your quotes and see if you are eligible.

Q: What is Guarantee Standard Issue (GSI)?

A: GSI is not a specific type of disability insurance. Rather, it refers to the process that you must satisfy in order to qualify for coverage. Typically, you must undergo full medical underwriting. This consists of a thorough application, telephone interview, paramedical exam, blood/urine tests, releasing medical records for review and a prescription drug database check.

By obtaining disability insurance on a GSI basis, the only requirement is a short application form. There is no paramedical exam, no telephone interview, no blood/urine tests, etc. You end up with the same policy, but without the hassle.

    Q: Is a GSI policy different?

    A: The short answer is no. Whether you go through full medical underwriting or skip the medical underwriting through a GSI program, you end up with the same policy. With that said, some GSI programs do not offer all of the policy’s available benefit options. The policy is the same, but you may not be able to add certain optional riders.

    The GSI programs that we administer offer all of the primary options a young physician should have on a policy. This includes:

    • Specialty Specific and Own Occupation Coverage
    • Future Increase Options (FIO)
    • Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) Rider
    • Partial Disability Benefits
    • Student Loan Protection
    Q: Is a GSI policy more expensive?

    A: No. Rates are the same. We are also able to add the same resident/fellow discounts to further reduce your rates. In some cases, GSI rates are even less expensive than the typical rates outside of the GSI program.

    Q: My advisor told me not to take a GSI policy. Since the policy is the same, why would my advisor tell me this?

    A: This is a common and unfortunate occurrence. Certain GSI programs are exclusive. For example, the GSI programs we provide to many residency programs are exclusive to Rivetti Financial. Since your advisor does not have access to the program, it is to his or her benefit to convince you not to go through the GSI program. As a result, your advisor convinces you to go through the medical underwriting process. This can have catastrophic consequences, which your advisor is not telling you about. This is described in the next question below.

    Q: I already applied for disability insurance, am I still eligible?

    A: This depends. Many GSI programs will render you ineligible if you have previously applied for any disability insurance and it resulted in any adverse action. This occurs when you go through the medical underwriting process and the insurance company discovers a pre-existing condition or other potential risk factor. This can be nearly anything from taking meds for stress/anxiety, previous injuries or illnesses, or even engaging in specific hobbies like rock climbing or scuba diving. When an insurance company discovers these risks, they tend to exclude them. This means that you will not receive benefits for a disability relating to that pre-existing risk factor. Insurance companies may also increase your rates or completely decline to offer you a policy.

    Q: Why go through a GSI program?

    A: GSI makes the entire process hassle-free. You end up with the same policy, but are not required to jump through hoops. The rates are the same and discounts can be utilized to further reduce the rates.