This questionnaire may be completed to aid in assessing your risk tolerance. Once completed, your risk score will be emailed to you with a description. Assessing risk tolerance can be very dynamic and your actual risk tolerance may differ from your score generated by this questionnaire. You should consult with your advisor for further information about your risk tolerance and objectives before implementing any changes to an investment strategy.

Risk Tolerance Accordion

Your Information

Information About Your Income

(i.e. you plus your spouse)

Assets and Liabilities

If you are married, this may include assets held jointly with your spouse. Assets should include ALL of your assets such as the value of your home, cars, bank accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, etc.
This includes only the assets listed above that are easily and quickly converted into cash, such as bank accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. Do not include assets which take a while to sell/liquidate such as your home or other real estate.
If you are married, this may include liabilities held jointly with your spouse, such as a mortgage. Liabilities should include ALL of your liabilities such as the value of your remaining mortgage, student loans, credit card debt, etc.
Assets - Liabilities = Net Worth

Personal Investor Profile - Time and Goals

This is used to describe how long you plan on remaining invested.

Personal Investor Profile - Investment Risk Attitude

Please note: The maximum gain or loss on an investment is impossible to predict. The ranges shown above are hypothetical and are designed solely to gauge an investor’s risk tolerance.



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