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From coast to coast, we’ve helped to insure thousands of doctors including those in practice, residency, and fellowship.

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Top five questions people ask us.


1. How is Rivetti Financial different from other insurance brokers?

We’ve set a high bar to provide you with an easy process and a high level of convenience. That means we:

  • Offer all of the top insurance companies so you don’t have to shop one by one
  • Explain the policies and make it easy to understand so you don’t have to research for hours
2. Is Rivetti Financial affiliated with any insurance companies?

No, we are independent insurance brokers. This means we represent multiple insurance companies and have no bias to recommend one over another. We only work with insurance companies that have strong financial ratings so you can be confident that you’re buying from a very reputable insurance company. Our goal is to make sure you obtain the most appropriate policy for your needs.

3. Are insurance rates negotiable?

No. Insurance rates are fixed by law and filed with state regulators. Insurance rates are set by each insurance company – not the advisor or agent that is helping you. Insurance rates will be the same from every advisor that you inquire with. The only method of reducing rates is to reduce the policy’s benefits or add discounts that have already been approved by the insurance company. If you obtain quotes with different rates, there are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Different benefits are being quoted
  • Available discounts may not be included
4. What is the process of applying for insurance?

The typical process of applying for insurance involves a few steps:

  1. Application – The first step is to complete an application.
  2. Medical Exam – Traditionally, many companies will require a medical exam to qualify for life or disability insurance. This can sometimes be waived in certain circumstances. The exam consists of health questions and taking your height, weight, and blood pressure, as well as urine and blood specimen.
  3. Telephone interview – The telephone interview is where the insurance company will ask about your medical history. During this process, they will collect information about your doctor visits and any medications that have been prescribed to you. Depending on the company and policy being applied for, the telephone interview may be used to replace the medical exam entirely.
5. What if I have a health concern?

If you have any sort of pre-existing condition, DO NOT APPLY FOR ANY INSURANCE WITHOUT CONSULTING US FIRST.

When there are health concerns, we are able to screen the concern with various companies ahead of time. This is done anonymously and allows us to find the best company to apply with.

Additionally, we have a Guarantee Standard Issue (GSI) disability insurance program available for residents at several teaching hospitals. If you apply for any insurance outside of the GSI program and are declined for coverage or obtain a limited offer, you may no longer be eligible for the GSI program. This GSI program is only available through Rivetti Financial, so other advisors may not disclose this program to you since it is in their interest to have you apply for coverage through them.