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Our investment platform makes it easy for you open an account and have your investments professionally managed to meet your future goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

We understand the importance of taking an academic approach to investing. This involves structuring your investment portfolio based on solid research and evidence-based strategies. The data has proven that trying to time the market with stock picks will result in poorer performance. Instead, we will help you navigate the financial markets and guide you towards long-term success by focusing on the investment aspects that are within our control.

Location Independent

We work with clients all over the country.


We utilize technology to help streamline the process and make it efficient for our clients.

Low Fees

Our investment approach focuses on keeping client fees and costs low.

Easy Setup

Open an account in minutes. Whether it’s a Roth IRA, Individual 401k, or a taxable account, accounts can be opened quickly to get you investing faster.


Investment are tailored to your needs, risk tolerance, and goals.

Diversified Investing

Our portfolios are diversified to help your money grow with less volatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your ideal client?

We work with physicians and dentists who want to adopt good financial habits and need assistance organizing their financial lives. This includes individuals who need assistance managing their investments/retirement accounts, those who are unsure whether or not they are on the right path to retirement, and those who are simply unable to spend the necessary amount of time to consistently manage and monitor their finances.

Who do you not work with?

We do not work with individuals looking to day trade stocks or those who are unwilling to adopt good financial habits such as consistently saving.

Is there a minimum account size or investment?
We generally do not require a minimum investment or account size. This allows us to work with individuals who are just starting out in their career.
Do you receive commissions from selling investments?

Not at all. Our only compensation for managing an investment account is the quarterly advisory fee. We do not sell mutual funds or other costly investments that are not necessary.

Do you help me set up the account?

Absolutely. We will help you set up an account with an independent third-party custodian. Similar to a bank account, the custodian is responsible for maintaining your account and providing for the safekeeping of the account’s assets.

What type of investments will you use for my accounts?

Our primary focus is to use low-cost investments for our clients. This may consist of low-cost mutual funds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). Our goal is to minimize costs so your investments can flourish.

Do we need to meet in person?

Nope. We work with nearly all of our clients remotely. This provides everyone with a much more streamlined and stress-free way to work together.

Start saving for your future.